Nadine Crowe

Dreamer. Creator. Writer.


I help innovative entrepreneurs tell their story in a way that connects with their clients online.


 Your customers want YOU.


But they’re just not feelin’ the love right now.

Find out how to attract YOUR customers.

Understand what your customers need to hear.

Find the language that speaks directly to them.

Convince your customers why you have exactly what they need.

Want your customers chasing you?

You know what you want to say, but every time you write it, there’s a weird…disconnect.

It sounds nothing like you.

But here’s the thing:


You’ve got plans. BIG plans.


And you don’t have time for this.

So how do you talk about yourself, what you’ve achieved, and what you’re still planning on doing, without boring everyone or sounding like an up-yourself you know what.

Well have no fear, I am here. This is exactly what I do.

I’m Nadine Crowe, a website copywriter and SEO consultant.  I specialise in About pages, personal profiles and video scripts for innovative entrepreneurs.

I want to know what drives and inspires you. 


The essence of who you really are. 

The type of stuff that leaves an impression on people, long after you’ve gone. 

The type of stuff customers love, and that we’ll get shining through on your About page. 

And here’s a secret: once you nail your About page, the rest of your website will naturally fall into place.

It’s your About page that sets the tone. 

What makes me so well qualified to do this?

Before I was a copywriter, I earned my PhD in cancer immunotherapy.

Whooaaa…back up the truck. Whaaat?!

Ok, bear with me, I know this seems a bit unrelated.

Accepting the 2004 Victorian Premier’s Commendation for Medical Research at Government House with my PhD mentors, Professor(s) Dale I Godfrey* (L) and Mark J Smyth# (R). * Laboratory Head, Peter Doherty Institute, Victoria, Australia; Chair, Melbourne Immunotherapy Network. # Head, Immunology in Cancer and Infection Laboratory, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute, Queensland, Australia.

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away,

I was a cancer immunology researcher.

It was my job to not only find cool stuff out, but to convince world experts that the discoveries I made were real.

Once I understood the elements needed to convince experts about what I’d found, I realised there was no other way to truly influence people.

There are certain things any person must see in order to be convinced of something.

Now I could tell you that my ability to convince the experts of my findings meant

my work was cited in thousands of original research papers,


but it wouldn’t have the same impact as you actually seeing it for yourself.

You know, seeing the actual proof.

So, if it helps, or you’re a bit curious, you can Google me and the stuff I found (ie Nadine Y Crowe tumor immunosurveillance).

Now, why should you even care about this?

Well, funnily enough, research papers are really similar to writing persuasive website copy.

Good copy is research-driven, founded on fact, not fiction.


I research exactly what sets you apart, and what your customers need, before I translate it into words your customers will gravitate towards.

Now if you’ve come this far, I should probably fill you in on some stuff.

Despite everything I accomplished in the lab,

…it still wasn’t enough.

I always had that nagging voice saying,

“There has to be more than this.”


A way for me to truly connect with people and use the talents I’d been given.

And shake the feeling

That I wasn’t fulfiling my true potential.

That quiet dream I had for myself.

After I left the lab, I spent a while in the corporate world, trying to find my place.

And it’s obvious now looking back, but that was never going to work, because that’s just not where I fit.

I’m a dreamer and I like to create things.


I have an insatiable curiosity and am addicted to learning new things.

I like to think big picture and detest being put in a box.

Connecting with people is my life-long love.

I have a natural talent for seeing through to the heart of things and knowing what’s truly important.

I love to teach.

I’m energised by people that chase their dreams, and are driven to fulfil their potential.

I admire people who carve their own path.

So if any of this sounds like you, and you’re struggling to get your thoughts into words, it’s time to get in touch. 

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