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After a lifetime of yoyo dieting, I finally cracked the code. I figured out how to lose the weight and keep it off for good. Now I can teach you how to do it too. 


My Story…

I spent the first half of my life struggling to control my weight. I grew up overweight, often the biggest in my class, and learned very young that my body was something to be ashamed of. As I grew older, I became a champion yoyo dieter, losing the weight, only to put it all back on again, and more. 

Until I found a weight loss mentor that changed the course of my life. She had lost 30kg and maintained it for many years. Something I’d never managed to do.

And in her quiet way with her gentle words, she showed me what was possible. She made me think about things I had never thought about before. Week by week, she taught me how to take my power back. She showed me how to take control of my life. And looking back, I can see it was never really about the food, so much as my relationship to food. The way I thought about it, myself, and others. 

Before I lost the weight that final time, I felt I had nothing special to offer the world. That I should be grateful for any kindness people showed me. My self worth was defined by my weight and my inability to control it. I grew smaller and smaller in spirit. Never speaking up, never causing a ripple, always holding back. Almost as though I didn’t deserve to take up space. I held back in every area of my life because I thought I didn’t deserve anything better.

But that one small, seemingly insignificant decision to find a weight loss mentor changed everything. As I began to take control of my thoughts, I began to take control of my life, and everything started falling into place.

I transformed from someone whose weight was spiralling out of control, was worried about losing the love of her life, and failing uni…  

Age: 18 – 19 years…

…3 days before I met the weight loss mentor who would change the course of my life…

…to someone who lost the weight and maintained it, married the love of her life, and not just became one of the top students in her course…but someone who went on to earn a PhD in Medicine, won prestigious awards, and was sent all over the world to present her work, all in the space of just a few short years.

Traveling to Italy, age 23

Receiving the Victorian Premier’s Commendation  for Medical Research at Government House, age 27

Marrying the love of my life, age 33

It was like something inside me had changed. The way I thought about things. The way I thought about myself. It was almost as though the change people saw on the outside, was just a reflection of the change that had happened within. 

The years that followed were some of the busiest and most demanding of my life. And maintaining my weight was the last thing on my mind. And yet, with the exception of my two pregnancies…

I’ve maintained that weight loss for over twenty years.

When I fell pregnant, I decided I wasn’t going to worry about the ways my body would stretch and expand, but instead, I would embrace it. I was confident I could lose whatever weight I gained, so made the conscious decision to relax many of the mental strategies I had used to keep my weight under control.

And I gained almost 40kg in 9 months.

And yet I had never felt more beautiful. 

Then somehow, in the haze of new motherhood, and without really thinking about it, I lost it all again within a year.


When I fell pregnant with my second, the same thing happened. I gained 25kg, but then lost it the following year. It was like somehow, all those habits I had learned years earlier were kicking back into gear without me even thinking about it. 

I’ve thought about sharing my story before. I could see the way my story and my words impacted people. I felt like I could make a difference. But a little voice kept telling me I wasn’t an expert in nutrition, or exercise, or psychology. That I didn’t know enough.  

But time and time again I saw people struggling with things I knew how to get through. That if they just changed one little thought pattern or behaviour, it could change everything.

 And suddenly a new thought occurred to me. I didn’t have formal qualifications in weight loss, but maybe that was the whole point. 

I had real life experience.


I’ve starved; I’ve binged; I’ve joined gyms (and never gone); I’ve started formal weight loss programs and never used them; I’ve kept starting again every Monday morning; I’ve got to goal (several times) and then put it all back on again and more.

I know what it’s like to feel failure. I know what it’s like to feel shame. I know what it’s like to be the largest one in the room. And I still found a way to get through.  

And now you can too. 

Want to know how?