Melbourne Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art (and science) of creating websites that allow you to get found online.

It’s not a quick, tick-one-box-and-you’re-done, fix.

SEO is your long game.

It’s putting in the investment now, so you can reap the rewards for many years to come.

So here you are in Melbourne and looking for someone to help you with your SEO.

If you engage a Melbourne SEO consultant, some of the services you should expect include:


SEO Services

1. SEO Audits

Full website audits look at:

a. technical optimisation

b. on-page optimisation

c. off-page optimisation

a. Technical SEO audits

Technical audit examine the technical details that support your site.

Things like whether Google can easily read the content on your page, how fast the content on your pages loads, whether your site is secure, and whether your site is responsive across all devices, such as your desktop computer, iPad, and smart phone.

b. On page SEO audits

An on page SEO audit look at things on your actual website, like whether it’s obvious what your site is about, if it’s intuitive, and easy to read.

On page audits also look at whether your content has good and unique titles, descriptions, headings, sub-headings, and how the information is structured across your website.

And of course, does the content on your site answer search queries?

Does each page address one keyword topic or theme?

c. Off page SEO audits

Off page audits ook at what sits externally to your site, but that has a significant influence over how it ranks in the search engines.

This includes things like backlinks, or whether other websites provide links for their audience to access your site.

The audit should also look at the quality of those links, and work with you to determine whether they are associations you want to keep, or get rid of. It should also look at things like your presence within the local SEO pack.

2. SEO Research

Once you have a good idea of where you site is currently at, you need to get clear on a few things before you can start building your strategy.

Who are your ideal customers?

What do they need and want?

What are you prepared to invest?

Do you have an SEO budget in mind?

The thing to remember here is that the investment can occur in the form of time or money.

How much are you willing to do yourself, and how much are you willing to pay someone else to do for you?

How quickly do you need to see results.

a. Keyword research

Keyword research is about understanding the types of searches that are entered into the search engine query box.

Good keywords have high traffic volumes, but are low in competition.

b. Content research

Content research is about understanding the types of content that gets shared in your industry.

Shares are important as they naturally lead to other websites linking to your content.

c. Voice of customer research

An important, but often overlooked, aspect of SEO copywriting is voice of customer research.

This helps you understand the exact types of words and phrases your customers use in describing their problems and that your product or service provides a solution for.

d. Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis looks at the types of keywords your competitors rank for, and the number and quality of backlinks they have.

This is important for when you start to think about the type of content you can produce, and for which audience.

3. SEO Strategy

SEO strategy is where you start thinking about your ideal site and what you ultimately want to create.

Where will your site sit within the online space?

a. Information architecture

Information architecture looks at things like the overall intention of your site, what you want and need to provide for your customers, and how you can best organise that information.

b. Keyword mapping

Keyword mapping is where you assign specific keywords to each page so you don’t have pages competing with each other, all vying for the top spot. Your intention is to focus the SEO goodness for each page.

c. Call to Actions

Once you know what content pages are truly needed, always keeping SEO in mind, you can be clear on the Call to Action of each page.

What do you want people to do after they’ve finished reading a page of your content?

d. Earning natural backlinks

What type of content can you produce to encourage natural backlinks?

4. Want your SEO sorted? 

Want to know more about what you really need?

Get in touch.

I would love to see how I can help.

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