Small Business SEO, Melbourne

Let me guess, one of the biggest challenges you face as a small business is trying to balance cash flow, time, and the myriad of other requirements that running a business entails.

You need more clients, more sales, and everyone’s saying you need to do SEO, but the thought of trying to find more time, more money, or just more headspace to learn about it all, has you wanting to tear your hair out.

So here you are, looking for someone to manage SEO for your small business in Melbourne.

When you’re thinking about who to work with, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

Not only does your SEO consultant need to understand the challenges small businesses face, they also need to understand your local landscape.

It’s important your SEO consultant appreciates the unique challenges you face as a small business, so they can work with you at whatever stage you are at.

You should feel comfortable asking any question related to your business and your SEO strategy.

It’ll also help if they have a good knowledge of Melbourne locations and events so they can begin to incorporate these into any local SEO content they provide for your site.

Small Business SEO Content Creation

Your small business may be just you, or you with only a few employees, or partners, which means that many aspects of running your business still sit on your shoulders.

So the reality is, it might just be unrealistic for you to take on SEO content creation for your website, as well as the social media promotion that goes along with it, especially if that isn’t part of your skill set.

So what are small businesses like you meant to do?

Affordable Small Business SEO

One of the best ways to keep small business SEO affordable is to have a clear idea of what you can do yourself and what you need to outsource.

And what you can manage will of course be based on your skill set, and how much money, and time, you can afford to spend.

One option is to up-skill in SEO, this way you can manage at least some of your own SEO.

There are various online SEO courses you can take, but you do need to be able to make the commitment of either time and/or money.

But if that’s not where you’re at, and you don’t really have the time or the headspace to take on a course, then I would look for an SEO copywriter or consultant that can work alongside you to manage your SEO.

Here’s the very first thing I would do:

SEO Audits

Get an accurate assessment of where your site is at.

A good SEO copywriter or SEO consultant will be able to run a full website audit for you.

And this is by far one of the most important things you can do.

This is because certain technical issues play such an important role in your site’s ability to rank well, that if they are not fixed, it doesn’t matter how good the content is on your site, your site will not rank as well as it could have.

Since SEO encompasses three main pillars: technical, on-page, and off-page, your audit should look at all three of these areas.

At the end of your audit, you should receive a full report outlining any technical issues that need to be addressed, an assessment of your content and the way it’s structured across your site, and things like your keyword and backlink profiles.

Ideally you will receive a plan outlining your top priorities to then focus on.

At this point, once you are clear where your site is at, you can decide whether to go it alone to fix any issues, or whether to work with a consultant or agency.

You can either choose to work alongside them on your SEO strategy, or choose one of their small business SEO packages.

Small business SEO packages

The types of packages an SEO consultants offer might include:


Technical fixes

Developers are engaged to fix any technical issues.

Audits should be ru-run upon project completion to ensure all the technical issues have been fixed, and followed up if need be.

Clients love not having to worry about the technical issues.


Keyword research

People either love or loathe keyword research.

It should look for things like traffic volumes, competitiveness, and variations in the way people may phrase their search engine queries.

It should also address more broadly what types of things people want to know when they put search queries into the search engine.


SEO blog packs

These are a great way to up your game.

Blog posts are optimised for your chosen keywords or themes, and you can choose between small (300-500 words), medium (1000 words), or large (2000 words) posts.

Epic blog posts (3000 words) are usually also available.


Website refresh

Fed up with your website and ready to start again?

A website refresh is where a consultant will re-think the strategy and content for your site, and have each page optimised for one keyword or phrase.

This can be great for clients ready to start over.


Competitor analysis

This is where things get interesting.

Competitor analysis looks at the types of content your competitors have published, and where, as well as the type of keywords they rank for.

This type of intel can’t be beat.

Whatever you decide, just remember: SEO is an investment you make now, so you can reap the rewards in the years to come.

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